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Chef Takeshi Kawasaki

At the age of 16, Chef Takeshi Kawasaki began his journey of making sushi.  In 1987, after many rigorous years of training, Chef Kawasaki established Maru Sushi in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.  Since then Chef Kawasaki has continued to mature and hone his techniques and was awarded a Michelin star in 2011.  In February 2017, Chef Kawasaki opened a new location in Honolulu, Hawaii, leaving the Sapporo location to his son, who recently earned a Michelin star as well.  Bringing his knowledge and decades of experience to the United States, Chef Kawasaki hopes to share the culture of sushi through tradition and quality ingredients. 


Chef Kawasaki imports the majority of his ingredients from Japan and focuses on emphasizing the elegance of the simplicity of his sushi through these quality ingredients.  He ensures that each fish is prepared appropriately to bring out its natural beauty and flavors while meticulously preparing the shari, or sushi rice, to create a perfect equilibrium between fish and rice.

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