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To Our Valued Customers
We regret to announce that on August 19, 2023, Maru Sushi will be closing after 8 years.  It has been our pleasure to have served and been a part of the community for all of those years.
Thank you for the great times and great memories. 
The Maru Sushi Staff


Please note that all issued gift cards are not available for use anymore.
Please contact us at either address below if you would like a refund.  
Call at 949-543-5715 Email

   Maru Sushi is an Omakase sushi restaurant that is rooted in the traditional Edomae style of sushi.  Omakase generally translates to "I leave it up to you" or "I trust you, Chef".  Edomae sushi traces back to the 1800s in Edo, present-day Tokyo, Japan, where sushi started being prepared directly in front of the customers. 

   Chef Takeshi Kawasaki continues to honor these traditions and carefully crafts his menu to feature the varying flavors of each season.  

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