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Maru Sushi is an Omakase sushi restaurant that is rooted in the traditional Edomae style of sushi.  Omakase generally translates to "I leave it up to you" or "I trust you, Chef".  Edomae sushi traces back to the 1800s in Edo, present-day Tokyo, Japan, where sushi started being prepared directly in front of the customers.  Chef Takeshi Kawasaki continues to honor these traditions and carefully crafts his menu to feature the varying flavors of each season.  

Customers are invited to experience the ambiance of dining at a sushi restaurant in Japan as Chef Kawasaki replicated the Honolulu location to look almost exactly like his Sapporo location.  Procuring the best ingredients and showcasing the unique flavors of each season, the Omakase course starts at around $300 and will vary depending on the ingredients that are available at that time.  The sushi counter seats 9 guests and creates an intimate environment where chef and diners can easily connect.  Each counter seat allows the diner to view the care and craftsmanship that the chef puts into each dish.  The Honolulu location also offers a private room that seats approximately 6 to 8 customers and is a great option for parties that prefer a more private setting or families with younger children.  

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